laura peña, chair international planning committee, breast cancer symposium
Laura Peña

Massimo Cristofanilli - Chair International Scientific Committee, Breast Cancer Symposium
Massimo Cristofanilli

«New concepts in the biology and management of aggressive breast cancer»

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to attend an important Educational Event bringing together a multidisciplinary team of International Experts to discuss the latest advancement in clinical and molecular diagnostics, bench research and management of the most aggressive forms of locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer. These experts will review evidence and published literature and provide a perspective in the use of novel diagnostics (e.g. liquid biopsy) and therapeutics in the endocrine resistance setting, TNBC and inflammatory breast cancer, a rare but, aggressive and deadly form of breast cancer.

This conference will also bring together International experts from the Inflammatory Breast Cancer International Consortium (IBC-IC) to debate the latest advancements in their 6th Bi-Annual Conference. We believe this is an exciting and unique opportunity for the medical oncology community in Madrid and we greatly encourage you and your team to participate and interact with these experts.

Laura Peña, PhD
Chair International Planning Committee
Massimo Cristofanilli, MD
Chair International Scientific Committee
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